Embassy Site Services ensure an unbeatable finish through our utilisation of the specialised VERDISEAL™ waterproof roofing system. It’s excellence and innovation lies in its spray- mechanic to apply a polyurethane membrane creating a monolithic barrier. Developed by Dow Hyperlast, the elastomeric seamless coating is a completely waterproof layer, that removes the necessity for an applied root resistant protective layer; even in the case of working with ‘invasive’ root species such as bamboo. Applied quickly and easily, VERDISEAL™ is created to allow for intricate roof designs with complex designs and protuberance.

Further attractive features include a lack of offensive or noxious odours that may impact current tenants. Without the need for any open flames, use of kettles, bitumen or solvents the product removes any environmental concerned that could be raised. Furthermore, through the GRACO spray system, any possible damage can be easily restored. Prior to application, the liquid nature of the product also prevents any punctures or damage that more traditional methods could be inflicted by.

The airless GRACO spray system is an industry trusted and recognised application process. The machines design removes the need for a compressor, and eliminates the complications associated with air-driven sprays such as motor icing or pulsation.