Embassy Scaffolding Division

Embassy Site Services provide all types of scaffolding work from small domestic properties to larger scale construction and refurbishment projects throughout the UK.  Working proactively with our clients we will design the best possible solution for your project, providing innovation to maximise your budget.

We have a number of key factors that our business promotes;



Over the years, Embassy has grown a reputation for working with clients in the domestic and commercial sectors.

Our work in the commercial sector has seen significant growth and we have created valuable partnerships with public and private companies.  Our relationship agreements with a number of councils across the UK is something we enjoy.

Our market sectors are varied and often extremely complex, examples include; New Build, Restoration Programs, Demolition Works, Marine and Coastline Projects, to name but a few.

We also carry out works on Network Rail and London Underground.  All our scaffolding solutions meet the latest NASC standard TG20:13.

Another key area for us is providing scaffolding services to domestic customers.  Whether that be scaffolding on people’s homes for painting, re-rendering, roof repairs, etc., we believe we are one of the best companies in the industry when it comes to dealing with domestic customers, and the very specific and sometimes demanding challenges that come with them.  We offer several features that allow a seamless project with minimal disruption.


Adding Value

Also included in our services is the availability to temporarily remove and affix satellites, as this is currently not a service provided by the majority of satellite companies.  Upon completion, we would then reaffix and realign as to provide uninterrupted TV signal.



We pride ourselves on completing the work by the required deadline, no matter how big or small the project may be.  As a result, our customers come back to us to work on future projects and are always pleased with our highly competitive quotations, our excellent levels of customer service.

Regardless of size, we are committed to offering best value through accurate planning, liaising with our clients and our team, and we use our knowledge and expertise to best achieve your budget, and to ensure repeat business.



One of our core features as a business, is our capability to scale-up or down, as needed.  Literally no job is too big for Embassy, and our partnerships with some of the most revered construction brands in the world, is testimony to this.

Whether we are working on a small or large project, we have the resources, technical knowledge and required experience to project manage any scaffolding job at all scales of complexity.   This includes undertaking projects which require bespoke scaffolding design such as temporary roofs, shoring scaffolds, church spires and loading towers.



All of our team are employed directly, are highly skilled and enjoy the benefit of extensive ongoing training.  This is reflected in our immaculate health and safety standards.

One of the key objectives in our business is to invest in our people by providing continual training and to encourage them to reach their full potential within their role, and we believe we have the best team out there do to the job.



Our shared experience in both Commercial and Domestic projects is the very reason we built a collection of modular-teams that can adapt to any works required.  No two days are the same, and we recognize the need to be agile.



We recognize the needs of our ever-demanding industry, and we therefore support the notion that communication and speed.  Our business has teams that can (at very short notice) engage with any given project quickly and efficiently